Infant Aquatics

Baby Water Awareness Classes

Infant aquatic classes are a fantastic way for babies to experience the water while learning valuable, life-long water safety and swimming skills. In our baby classes, instructors are not so much teachers but aides. They aim to give guidance and instruction on ways to hold your baby in an aquatic environment and go through activities that will facilitate your babies learning process. The atmosphere is fun and stimulating and designed to give babies lots of opportunities to experiment with and enjoy their surroundings.

We embrace, is a TLC (Tender Loving Care) method with Moms and Babies in the pool for the duration of a lesson of 30 minutes.

We specialise in teaching babies the following:

· Water orientation

· Water awareness

· Safety skills in, and around water

· Swimming skills in preparation for the swimming strokes ( LTS Programme)

· Breath control through familiarizing the child with submersion by means of Verbal physical and visual cues prior to submersion.Anxiety will be eliminated,confidence will develop,trust will be maintained and breath control will be learnt

· Anxiety will be eliminated, confidence will develop, trust will be maintained and breath control will be learned.

The P.B.S.T.A Method of Teaching is the following:

With Tender loving care
Adopting age appropriate skills
by routine and repetition
with on going progression
What to bring to your lessons

All toddlers must wear a swimming nappy
A comfortable swimsuit for the parent or caregiver
A set of warm clothing for the baby to change into after the lesson, including a hat
An extra feed, babies get very hungry after this exercise
And most importantly a happy relaxed attitude.